In this category you will find magic amulets of love and eros, powerful amulets of protection, talisman amulets, amulets of fortune and prosperity, health and much more. All amulets come to you activated on your data. These genuine pendants, depicting Ancient Egyptians, offer protection and bring good luck, money and love. Their price varies From 50 € to 120 € and are available after (phone) order. Price: 50 € – 120 €
Egyptian Amulets in Arabic Language – Seals
Egyptian amulets that carry Arabic writing protect you on a daily basis, make money coming in your pocket, help in finding work, or in court-related cases. They still bring luck and love!
Price: 100 €
Arabic and Egyptian Amulets for professionals
Arabic and Egyptian Amulets for professionals who want to wear something that will protect them and bring them luck in their career.
Price: 150 €
Egyptian Amulet – Pendant of the Archangels
Price: 150 €
Talisman brings luck and love to our everyday life, protecting us from evil.[:]

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